Changing the Community .........One Cup at a Time!

WDAFTV4 newscast 4/6/23

Vonda began her career as an educator. She taught a myriad of subjects, but seemed to have a special calling to special education. After five years of teaching, she was able to quickly spot autism in her toddler sons. 

Vonda is a “positive squeaky wheel” for the IDD community. A fierce advocate for all people with disabilities, Vonda embraces challenges and uses her talents for change.

Bro’s Joes is an employment opportunity for all adults with any disability, bringing the community together and staying local as thanks to Liberty Public Schools for helping her sons to develop into amazing adult men!

Vonda sees this as a civil rights movement and invites all to join in positive, grassroots efforts for lasting change!




Austin and Adam are the real inspiration behind the coffee arts bar. Both boys have overcome incredible challenges to become who they now are. Although they are both on the autism spectrum, they present in completely different ways. Their personalities and gifts are celebrated and growth is constantly encouraged. 

If you're a parent or loved one with any additional need, please know that you are NOT alone! There's a family of us ready to embrace you with open arms, speaking life, love and encouragement into your family. ❤️

Bro’s Joes will provide an opportunity for people with, and without special needs, to work together in full inclusion. This coffee arts bar will provide a place where everyone can come together to feel purpose, importance, and to realize that we aren’t all that different on the inside.



We will open an inclusive establishment to actively socialize and interact with others in the age group 18+ that have disabilities.


We will incorporate social skills and work skills in a community atmosphere. This is the long term goal to open a coffee shop/center that will offer social and work skill opportunities to individuals. Our goal is to open a safe place where individuals can participate in fun afternoon/evening activities, work with volunteers/job coaches to learn important job skills and also highlight talents (art, music, writing, gaming.) Our model exists in areas around the United States and we would like to bring this model to the Northland of Kansas City.